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Aging Well Health Care Says, “Be AWake to Healthy Feet.”


According to Aging Well Health Care, to avoid some common aging problems, keep your feet healthy! You lose strength and balance, and increase your fall risk when you can’t walk well due to foot pain. When your feet feel good, you can walk more which keeps your weight down, prevents blood clots and keeps your muscles and bones strong

Foot health problems may also be signs of more serious health concerns like diabetes, arthritis, poor blood circulation and nerve damage. So keep an eye on your feet!


Three out of four seniors develop foot problems as they age. So, get into some good habits to keep your feet healthy.

  • Check Feet Twice a Week – Look for redness, bruises, sores, swelling, cuts, blisters and ingrown or infected toenails.
  • Wash Feet Daily – Pat dry between toes. Use powder if your feet tend to be sweaty.
  • Use Lotions – Apply to cracked or callused feet to sooth and moisturize.
  • Wear Good-Fitting Shoes – Brands are available to the elderly that provide comfort, grip and support, and good-fitting socks decrease rubbing and blisters.
  • Keep Blood Circulating – Put your feet up after a long day, give yourself a foot massage or warm foot bath.

If You Have Diabetes, AW Health Care Can Help Take Care of Your Feet

People with diabetes may develop nerve damage and poor blood circulation in their feet, causing numbness, loss of feeling, tingling, burning sensations, pain and feet that are cold to the touch. As a result, thousands of people have had toes, feet, and even legs amputated because of diabetes-related foot problems. Most of these could have been prevented by proper foot care.

Caring For Your Toenails

One in three people over 65 have trouble cutting toenails. Improper cutting of toenails can lead to problems like ingrown toenails, fungal infections, thickened toenails and overgrown toenails. Cutting toenails is easiest after bathing or soaking your feet. The nails soften, making cutting easier. Follow the shape of the toe when cutting. Don’t cut nails too short. Use clippers and not scissors. Lightly file with soft emery board.

If you have trouble cutting your nails, you should see a medical professional to help. AW Health Care has in-home services to help with toenail and foot care. This is very important to your overall health, especially if you have diabetes or are “borderline”, so call us at (314) 726-5600.


Common Foot Problems Need Special Attention

If you are experiencing any of the following, call AW Health Care at (314) 726-5600. One of our health professionals can look at your problem direct you to proper treatment:

  • Fungal or bacterial infections like athlete’s foot
  • Dry skin that causes itching and burning
  • Corns or calluses and warts which may need professional treatment
  • Bunions, hammertoes or spurs that are causing pain
  • Ingrown toenails from improper cutting of the toenail





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