Aging Well Journal Newsletter August 2013

Falls Are Dangerous…Especially for Older Adults

The Aging Well Journal Newsletter August 2013 reports that, according to The Centers for Disease Control, one out of three adults age 65+ falls each year, resulting in injury and sometimes death! Falls can be serious, but fortunately, falls are preventable!

There are ways to lessen the chance of falling. AW Health Care suggests what you can do to avoid falls.

  • Could your medicines make you more prone to falls? Or could an existing condition of the ears or eyes make you more likely to fall? Tell us if you have dizziness, joint pain, numbness or shortness of breath.
  • Get physical. Physical activity like walking, water workouts or gentle exercise can go a long way to prevent falls by improving strength, gait and balance.
  • Wear proper lace-up shoes with non-skid soles.
  • Make your home safer by removing clutter, cleaning up spills and using non-slip mats in bath and shower.
  • Turn on the lights when moving about your apartment. Keep a flashlight in easy reach.
  • Use helpful devices like canes, hand rails in stairways, raised toilet seats and grab bars in the bathroom.

Remember an investment in fall prevention is an investment in your independence.


Please know that AW Health Care has offices in University City, South County and Illinois to help you. AW can help you if you feel unsteady on your feet or have recently fallen. Call us: (314) 726-5600 in Missouri and (618) 344-8800 in Illinois.


Ease That Back Pain

For Standing

Many activities require standing for a while such as brushing your teeth, ironing, washing dishes, or folding laundry. First, try to break up duties into smaller time periods. Second, place one foot on a step or ledge. Do not bend at the waist, but bend at the knees and keep back straight. Third, use one hand to provide support. And lastly, do the activity at a comfortable height.


For Carrying

  1. Carry equal weight in both arms.
  2. Keep back straight and bend at the knees when picking up boxes and other similar items,
  3. Hold objects close to the trunk of your body. Do not twist.
  4. Lower bags by bending knees, not the back.


For Lifting

Let’s learn the “safety” lift. This lift is useful for items such as a laundry basket, a box of clothes, or a bag of groceries. Stand close to the object to be lifted. Squat down. Keep back straight. Firmly grasp the container and pick up. Hold it close to your body as you tighten the stomach muscles. Stand up slowly. Let your large leg muscles do the work.


Be AWake to better health! Call us for a FREE Home Safety Assessment. (314) 726-5600.



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