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Smiling senior woman lifting two dumbbells.

April News: Living With Arthritis

Arthritis Is A Chronic Condition. As we age, living with chronic conditions like arthritis becomes increasingly challenging. The skills of good occupational and physical therapists are especially helpful to older patients because their work is very client-centered. They can help maximize the older patient’s abilities and promote independence in self-care and family and community activities. […]

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March News: Be AWake To Memory Care

Your Memory Health…Is Alzheimer’s preventable? Lifestyle choices have been found to affect memory health. Most experts agree that in the vast majority of cases, Alzheimer’s, like other chronic conditions, probably develops as a result of complex interactions among multiple factors, including age, genetics, environment, lifestyle and coexisting medical conditions. Some risk factors, like age and […]

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Senior couple smiling with heads together.

February News: Your Healthy Heart

Top Priority Taking care of your heart health is top priority. Coronary heart disease is the leading cause of death for people, young and old, so it’s particularly important for you to take care of your heart. Even if you are young and healthy there are small lifestyle changes you can make to improve your […]

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Senior man with broken leg sitting in easy chair and talking on cell phone.

January News: Fall Prevention

January is Fall Prevention Month Every 18 seconds, and older adult goes to the emergency room because of a fall. The weather outside is frightful. We cannot change winter weather, but we can take measures to prepare and be safe. Fall prevention in the elderly is an ongoing throughout the year. But in winter months, […]

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Grandaughter Kisses her Grandpa, who is wearing a Santa cap, at the family holiday party.

December News: Handling Stress At The Holidays

Holiday Time Is Often “Stress” Time The holidays are an extra busy time of year filled with baking, shopping, and visiting with friends and family…and stress. Although these are all very fun activities for seniors, these activities may bring additional stress. Here are some helpful tips to reduce holiday stress. The holidays don’t have to […]

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Elderly man quietly gazing at sparkling lights on small Christmas Tree.

November News: Depression & You

Do I have Depression? There’s no one cause of depression. Sometimes it’s genetic. Other times depression may be caused by past physical, sexual or emotional abuse. Depression may be the result of a reaction to death or loss. Serious illness, personal problems and substance abuse can all lead to depression. If feelings of sadness persist […]

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Nurse helping patient measure blood sugar level.

October News: Managing Your Diabetes

What Is Type 2 Diabetes? When you eat, your food is broken down into a sugar called glucose. Glucose gives your body the energy it needs to work. But to use glucose as energy, your body makes insulin, which “unlocks” your body’s cells so they can receive the glucose they need. When you have type […]

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Elderly man and his son laughing and hugging while on an outdoor walk.

September News: Healthy Aging

September is Healthy Aging Month Aging has frustrations. Don’t compound your aging problems by tolerating a poor memory. If you don’t have Alzheimer’s, then you can improve your memory. Avoid more problems by keeping good bone health and reducing stress in every day living. Here are some ways to boost your memory. Get better organized! […]

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Smiling woman proud of her vaccination.

August News: Flu Vaccine and Immunization Awareness

Vaccine and Immunization Awareness Each year, many adults become seriously ill and are hospitalized because of disease. Many of these diseases can be prevented with vaccinations. Vaccination rates are generally low in the United States partly because many seniors are not aware that they need a vaccine. Health conditions like asthma, COPD, diabetes, heart disease […]

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Senior woman in cute floppy hat wearing loose fitting top and long flowing skirt while standing in a grassy field at sundown.

July News: Summer Heat Problems Solved

Summer Heat is Here! Keep Cool. A healthy body temperature is maintained by sweating. Older adults do not sweat easily due to some health conditions. So they are at greater risk for heat-related illnesses like these when the temperatures rise: Heat rash or muscle cramps Swelling in the legs and hands Hyperventilation, heat stress and fainting […]

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